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SoulCycle expands further, gets into the HIIT trend

The newly announced SoulActivate is an on-the-bike class that heavily incorporates high-intensity interval training “designed to accelerate and decelerate your heart rate to burn fat and build endurance,” reads a press statement. At 60 minutes, it’s a longer, more challenging class with light and heavy weights for multiple arm series. The new offering reportedly help riders burn 150-300 more calories versus the core SoulCycle experience.

SoulActivate makes sense: As health enthusiasts look to diversify their fitness schedule, the SoulCycle brand intends to satisfy their needs. HIIT is one the fastest-growing fitness trends, with mainstream gyms increasingly offering the training technique and boutique gyms solely devoted to it.

“Our [SoulCycle] riders had been telling us for years and years that they were looking for ways to spend more time with us, and that they were also cross-training and doing modalities other than cycling,” SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan previously told Fast Company.

For the moment, SoulActivate is available in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.RR

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