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‘Living people aren’t that colour’

A UNIVERSITY student found murdered on Friday was mired in a love triangle with her jealous alleged killer, according to the dead woman’s roommate.

Josephine Artin said she found the corpse of Haley Anderson, 22, carefully arranged in the bed of accused killer Orlando Tercero, 22, who had been obsessed with Anderson after she spurned him for on-again, off-again boyfriend Kevin Ocampo, Ms Artin, 21, told The New York Post.

“She was in Orlando’s room. She was in the bed. Looking back at it, she was clearly dead, because living people aren’t that colour,” Ms Astin said.

“At the time, we didn’t want that to be true. We called the police. My friend was on the phone with them. They asked: ‘Is she breathing?’ so I went over to her and I just — I wanted her to be alive. But I could tell she hadn’t just died. I’m sure it had happened the day before, based on her colour.

“There was no blood. The way she was lying, I wasn’t sure if that’s where she died or he put her there. It was very formal — she was on her back laying on the bed and she had a blanket halfway up her body. And she just had her arms at her side.

“There was a handprint bruise on her arm. When I saw that, that’s when I knew for [sure] that Orlando had done this to her.”

Mr Tercero, a US citizen, fled to his native Nicaragua last week after telling his sister he “did something bad” and was “a disgrace to the family,” one of Mr Tercero’s roommates had told Ms Artin.

Ms Anderson, a student at Binghamton University in New York, and Mr Tercero occasionally hooked up, but Ms Anderson told him she just wanted to be friends and was more involved with Mr Ocampo, according to Ms Artin.

That inflamed Mr Tercero’s jealousy, and the spurned lover would often drive by Ms Anderson’s house late at night when Mr Ocampo was over — at least once slashing Ms Anderson’s tires, Ms Artin said.

Ms Anderson abruptly left their house at 4am last Thursday after a board game night, but Ms Artin didn’t think much of it until Ms Anderson stopped answering her phone later that day.

“That’s really when we were like, where’s Haley? Why is she not answering her phone?” Ms Artin said. “Haley always answers her phone. And her phone wasn’t dead or off.”

By Friday, Ms Artin was scared. She called one of Mr Tercero’s roommates looking for her missing friend, but her fears only grew.

“(The roommate) was also looking for Orlando. He had called (Mr Tercero’s) sister and found out Orlando was on a flight to Nicaragua. He had texted his sister that morning saying, ‘I’m a disgrace to the family. I did something bad’,” Ms Artin recalled.

Ms Artin used the Find My Friends app on her iPhone to pinpoint Ms Anderson at Mr Tercero’s house, and she and another pal sped over, hoping to find Ms Anderson and Mr Tercero together and OK.

“I had a really bad feeling, but I thought there was no way. I figured we were going to go over there and we were going to find Haley asleep or something, and be like, ‘You guys were scared? What’s wrong with you guys?’ That’s really what we expected.”

But “his car wasn’t there. And that was a big, ominous sign — like, that’s not good,” Ms Artin said.

“We started banging on the door, and no one was answering, so we went around to a side window. We got it open and climbed in. There was no one home. That’s how we found Haley.”

Mr Tercero posted a Facebook video about Nicaragua on Monday, prompting Ms Anderson’s friends to blast him.

“Stunning place to escape from murder, piece of s**t,” user Alex Weiss commented.

This story originally appeared in the New York Post and has been republished here with permission.

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