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20 Best WordPress Themes for Photographers & Photography Enthusiasts To Showcase Portfolio With Style 2018

We often take photography for granted. All of us grew up in a world that did not deprive us of this wonder, but for the first few people who had the pleasure of witnessing it, it was truly a wonder. Imagine the ability to freeze a moment in time, capturing it for posterity. We only take it for granted because we have grown accustomed to it.

Probably the most common device on the Planet is the smart phone, and they all have incorporated cameras. From film to cloud services, pictures have certainly come a long way. It is in this technological expansion that we find not only a way of keeping memories, but also an artist outlet. If done right, the beauty of a picture can rival that of a painting. If you are talented enough, do not threat, there will be plenty of monetary incentive! Picture blogs and sites are quite prolific, and their growth shows no sign of slowing down.

However, many artists are not that tech-savvy, and that can be a disadvantage when considering the need for a well programmed website. WordPress is a social online platform that can aid in your plight. A sprawling community of plugin developers and theme designers has arisen, encouraged by the need of quality content. After you set up the basic framework, a website needs to gain some features, aesthetic enhancements and menu improvisation. WordPress themes can offer you that, and more. Both free and premium, they give the accurate impression of an online profile was crafted with love and respect towards the subject matter. As a photographer, you must dedicate your life to the pursuit of beauty, and finding it in still, timeless frames. Let’s take a look at some of the best themes for photographers:


Uncode is an incredibly beautiful and completely visually enthralling, tech-savvy and brilliantly structured, navigationally intuitive and engaging, extremely robust and very reliable, easy to use and readily responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Uncode is a gorgeous and easy to use solution for webmasters with or without previous development experience across a wide variety of applications and archetypes. With Uncode, you will be able to craft the most engaging, modern and staggeringly attractive websites within a matter of minutes, without troubling yourself with even a single line of programming, and with exceedingly professional, polished results every single time.

Uncode is a favorite of creative types due to its capacity for thorough customization, which makes Uncode at its heart one of the most flexible themes on the market today. With sleek plugins such as iLightbox and a specially tailored version of the premium Visual Composer, showing off your creative works to the world at large in extremely effective compositions, with beautiful galleries and amazing templates that make Uncode a favorite of photographers the world over. With Uncode’s WooCommerce readiness out of the box, marketing your works directly off your own photography website has never been easier or simpler. Try Uncode now!

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is a purposeful and professional, image-centric and imaginative, colorful and canderous natively responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website builder. Massive Dynamic is an unimaginably powerful website builder, a coherent, cohesive toolkit for the swift creation and design of sophisticated, modern websites, spanning a huge range of diverse interests and fields. Massive Dynamic’s one of a kind Live Website Builder integrates layout edition, shortcode deployment and settings customization into a single, nifty visual interface with real-time preview.

Combined with a rich library of gorgeous composed layouts, over half a dozen layout styles and a wealth of creative, niche and general template websites, and you have a level of visual freedom without paragon. Massive Dynamic is a perfect toolkit for photography websites, among many other applications, due to its amazing layout capabilities and its unique portfolio features and templates. Features like the Portfolio Live Rearrange, which provides a masonry grid for your beautiful photographs wherein you can liberally resize and reorder your works to present them in the best possible light, or the sophisticated AJAX-powered dynamic Search feature, which helps users sift through your content quickly, and even the integrated online shops, allowing you to market your prints right away–Massive Dynamic makes photographers’ lives easier.

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Kalium is a gorgeous and highly appealing, modern and lightweight, engaging and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose, portfolio and online shop website theme. Kalium is a bright and colorful website building platform, a solution for webmasters with or without previous development experience to effortlessly create amazing websites capable of eloquently making visual statements that reach a wide and indistinct massive online audience.

Kalium is perfect for photographers, photojournalists and photography aficionados, or anyone sitting on vast collections of high resolution imagery that needs a capable and competent, sleek and engaging soapbox for their works to be seen by the world at large. Kalium has plentiful options for you to customize the end user experience of visitors browsing through your galleries or photography portfolios, as well as thorough Dribbble Portfolio integration. A myriad photo hover effect animations are offered within Kalium, ensuring you always find the right way to frame your content for your audience. Features like the Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and LayerSlider make short work of website building tasks and layout customization as well, while a ton of demo websites are readily available to get you started off on the right foot. Try Kalium today, and give your images new life!

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TheGem is an attractive and purposefully designed, polished and professional, robust and tech-savvy, responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. TheGem has been created to be a one-stop shop solution for all your website building needs, regardless of the nature of your content. TheGem includes resourceful widgets, premium plugins, expansive collections of templates and a myriad of thoughtful features meant to improve your end-user experience and overall immersiveness across a spectrum of industries and fields of interest.

Requiring absolutely no coding skills, TheGem deploys the advanced Visual Composer premium page builder alongside a set of over 40 conceptually unique demo website templates as well as over 150 page templates that you can pick up and customize within minutes to match your every graphical and branding specification. Freelancers, photographers, architects and digital artists love TheGem’s ample offering of portfolio designs and settings options, while simultaneously appreciating its commercialization possibilities powered by the industry standard WooCommerce eCommerce plugin suite, visually styled to match your website. Completely responsive from the code level up, TheGem is compatible with browsers and devices the world over, while it also renders seamlessly on phones, tablets and desktop computers alike. With TheGem, you can make your wildest website dreams come to life!

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toranj dark grid style theme

This is a theme designed to take your photo website to the next level. It includes multiple portfolio styles, authentic RTL support, various blog styles, multiple gallery setting, and its design is clean, versatile and simplistic.

Currently, it costs about 58, a reasonable price given the prize-winning quality offered. If you are a little lost during the installation, you can check the descriptive and helpful tutorials for more information. Online documentation was also provided, in hope of educating yourself about your purchase.

Toranj has plenty of gallery and portfolio options, and a unique design that screams quality.

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moon - creative photography theme

Moon is a blog and portfolio theme for creative and photography websites. It includes many distinct features that allow you to present your videos, photos and audio files. Moon allows for a great degree of mobility, unshackling its owner from the confines of an office chain. It is entirely responsive, making it compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You will be able to write blog posts, upload edited photos, commercialize items and services, and manage your site while traveling across the globe. Moon was developed by an elite author, and it shows. The theme will always benefit from a flawless support system and an unlimited number of free updates.

Users will be able to implement personalized textures and colors for every main panel, as they attempt to showcase their artful photographs. Interested customers can gain access to some amazing documentation sources which can guide them through the customization process. In addition, there are video tutorials and gif snippets. Site administrators can select various formats for their posts. They may include video clips from Vimeo and YouTube, or audio clips from sites like SoundCloud. Moon tries its best to remove any entry barrier. As a customer, you do not have to possess any previous WordPress experience. Everything is highly intuitive and user-friendly.

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diva attractive photographer theme

Nowadays, the word Diva is often used in a derogatory fashion, meant to hurt someone by implying that they are moody, spoiled and arrogant. However, Diva means way more than that. Both the theme and the concept represent the pinnacle of class and style, elegance taken to the realm of art.

Using this photography theme, you will be able to irrevocably prove that you have good taste, and even better website management skills. The beauty of its gallery will leave you breathless, astounded by the subtle harmony of its design. It take inspiration from the Redux framework and visual composer, both tools that will make profile creation as easy as picking things out of a catalog.

This complexity does not stop the theme for working well on mobile platforms, unlike other themes out there. If you wish to transcend banality, and ascend to the highest peaks of success, Diva is the WordPress theme that can help you to accomplish that goal.

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stellar pretty photographer theme

The great thing about purchasing a quality WordPress theme is that you will benefit from constant useful updates. Unlike other products that just put out new versions, software is often improved as it goes, via your internet connection.

Stellar Responsive Creative and Photography Theme is no exception to that rule, as its current 1.1 version has added another light skin configuration. Upon purchase, you will retain the freedom to modify your theme how you wish, but there are also alternatives. Two preset configurations exist, a contrast and light skin, each of them capable of adapting to all work or photography styles.

If you ever change your mind, you can visit the advanced admin theme panel and configure your own theme.

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Bild is a WordPress theme oriented to photography. It comes with 4 homepages and many layouts for portfolio and sliders. You will get a strong, minimalistic and clean concept. This way photographs can stand out from far. Bild is highly specialized, and thus it suits all kinds of photography variants. It can go from journalism, art, commercial, publicity in the professional level. Topics to choose are interchangeable as well! Play around with lots of fonts from HK Grotesk and Google Fonts. Build a personal site or a professional reference. Bild lets you upload tons of images on sliders, galleries or portfolio projects.

You will get customizable colors base on a 6 colors palette and a retina ready layout. Even a one-click demo to import data is included! Bild is made to put up with any image or photo challenge, landscapes and nature, or architecture too! Social media sharing is available within widgets and buttons. Make a professional site if you are a photographer, or set up amazing sliders of your personal hobby. Bild is pixel perfect and smooth, with a mobile friendly design and won an Honorable Mention from Awwwards. Get full free support up to six months from its creator Mauer Themes! Start enjoying a luxurious and focused theme. Get Bild right now!

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Foto is a wonderfully malleable and incredibly resourceful, convenient and easy to use, engaging and responsive WordPress photography website theme. Foto is a purposeful platform aimed to provide amateur and professional photographers, photojournalists and photography studios an easy avenue towards development of sophisticated, modern photography websites, fully customizable to suit their functional or branding specifications, and requiring absolutely no coding experience or knowledge, due to deployment of intuitive visual interfaces for layout design and element customization.

Foto has been equipped with one of the most ambitious and thorough collections of photography and portfolio settings and tools on the market today, making it the natural choice for creative types that want to get their hands dirty in terms of layout presentation, with such flexible capabilities as individual portfolio page layouts for your every album or over 20 different, unique variations for your single gallery pages, as well as 18 different portfolio page templates you can work with and fine-tune to meet your every expectation. Foto includes 15 different conceptual photography album templates for every occasion, with diverse selections of grids, masonry layouts, carousels and sliders and much more under the hood. No theme out there can showcase your works like Foto. Try Foto now!

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TwoFold is a very attractive and laboriously developed, fast and flexible, highly responsive WordPress premium fullscreen photography website theme. TwoFold is an extremely modern, visually minimalist and uncomplicated, highly powerful website creating and developing toolbox, a carefully curated set of tools and features that allows webmasters seasoned and rookie alike to effortlessly craft their own amazing, breath-taking photography websites in a matter of minutes, without ever having to so much as write a single line of code. TwoFold employs a streamlined, simplified website building process centered entirely around the presentation of your powerful visual content.

A highly uncluttered design makes TwoFold uniquely suited for handling precious high resolution imagery, allowing your visitors to focus on what matters–your photography. With impressive Photo Hover Effects as well as vast capabilities for handsome handling of fullscreen presentation, with a Bootstrap foundation providing responsiveness across all devices, platforms and screen sizes or orientations, no theme out there can handle fullscreen photography like TwoFold can. Try it on for size and discover the amazing AJAX filtered Collections, the highly customizable Albums and the unique Gallery layout styles offered by TwoFold. Retina ready out of the box, TwoFold is the ally you want to make all the jaws drop.

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Travis WP

Travis WP is a Photography and Photo gallery WordPress theme. It comes with beautiful pre-built layouts and many premium features compatibilities. It’s a theme thought for photographers, freelancers, artists, making their way to shine. Travis WP has partial orientation to blog writing along with high resolution images. You will get exclusive CSS and JS files, and more than 10 types of galleries. Posts can be uploaded in a pixel perfect quality and in many formats as well. Travis WP requires no coding or programming skills at all! Make your own portfolios or photography albums and set up online expositions.

Layouts can shown in boxed or full-width mode. Writing posts can be beautified with +650 amazing Google Fonts. Travis WP is a theme thought for professionals giving a serious touch to their work. It is mobile friendly, retina ready, with cross-browsers compatibility. You will get multilingual set u with WPML and refined SEO. Travis WP uses Elementor page builder and provides a 24/7 custom service. This along with its one-click demo import makes set up just a formality. Start exploring and get the hang of things to be convinced…It’s a keeper, you’ll see! Go for Travis WP!

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Fancy Photographer

fancy photography theme

Fancy Photographer WordPress theme is a flat and trendy website template suitable for photographers and videographers who want to promote their works and services on a wider range of audience. This theme is very easy to install and fully editable to help photographers create an attractive website with just few clicks. This theme is fully responsive and adjusts fittingly to all kinds of devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets. Impress your target clients by choosing the perfect color scheme and using the best typography in your website design. Fancy Photography WordPress theme comes with awesome sliders to share your images in a sophisticated way. Moreover, its filterable portfolio allows visitors to sort the content/ images in your website by tags or categories.

The theme includes custom post types and post formats to help you present your contents in style. Its custom widgets allows you to integrate an incredible comment system in your posts, incorporate social sharing buttons and other widgets that will make your photography website even more shareable and functional. It has more than 80 shortcodes to help you add various design elements such as buttons, notifications, tabs, accordions, testimonials, layout columns and more. This photography-focused theme is very easy to personalize, thanks to its intuitive admin panel powered by Cherry Framework. On the other hand, it has a built-in theme customizer that enables you to change the look and feel of your photography portfolio site with live preview for monitoring the changes you made in your theme. Aside from the impressive design, this theme also boasts its smooth and easy navigation.

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NOAH is a photography WordPress theme with a modern edgy look. It goes for a specialized somewhat hard to please market, and thus it has its full dedication to do so. It is a premium high resolution theme with numerous smart images options. NOAH is one o a kind theme, with incredible animation and galleries’ features. You will find a completely customizable layout. It will allow different posting formats (blog style, sliders, galleries, columns, etc). NOAH is appealing not only for design options but for its no coding requirement!

It is incredibly easy to craft for anyone even if they are too keen on programming.  An SEO and a speed optimization are also featured. NOAH is made for anyone who needs to express themselves through photos. It can work for fashion companies, freelancers, but also photo bloggers. Variation and customization are expected and well delivered. Colors, fonts and else are whatever you want them to be. NOAH is a potent Pixelgrade creation, and Power Elite Author product. It has a very reliable and well praised support team that will handle any doubts and questions you may have. It is a theme compatible with all popular browsers out there. Get impressed and enjoy the versatility and beauty of NOAH!

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With constant updates, this theme continues to grow and improve. Currently at version 1.3, it has added support for both videos and light boxes, and additional choices for Number of Columns in the Archive Grid. It is modestly priced, and it has the potential to catapult your page to the heights of success. It is the perfect backdrop for your most creative projects, designed to showcase and highlight your creativity. It takes complexity and makes it simple, with its enticing design and reserved brilliance.

Pile guides the user’s gaze and directs it towards the most important elements on the screen.It achieves this thanks to a Parallax scroller that was inserted between blocks, leading the reader’s eyes towards what matters.

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H-Code is a luminously bright and visually stunning, incredibly malleable and flexible, tech-savvy and readily responsive WordPress single and multipage multipurpose website theme. H-Code has been exclusively crafted by a team of dedicated coders and graphic designers working in conjunction to produce a massive, vast and imaginative website building platform that can effectively produce attractive modern websites in a flash, with impressive multimedia capabilities, seamless CSS3 transitions and animations, gorgeous Parallax visual effects and much more, while requiring absolutely no coding.

H-Code has been packaged along with over 197 exclusive HTML5 template pages for a myriad purposes, including over 40 breath-taking portfolio pages to showcase your beautiful visual works as well as detailed portfolio element pages, 16 custom blog layouts for you to express yourself in eloquent style with 5 different individual blog detail page templates, a half dozen headers and several footers, sidebars and menus, and some of the most attractive image galleries on the web today make H-Code a natural photography website theme. Among its many useful features you will find complete e-Commerce online shop functionality, meaning you can easily offer prints of your works or your professional services right off your own unique, creative website, the same day you set things up. Try H-Code now!

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darkroom lovely minimal photography theme

This is a theme that was developed for professionals. It includes full-screen slideshows, it is fully responsive, and it is compatible with both videos and the widespread Woocomerce plugin. This plugin makes it easy to set up your own online store, creating a safe and reliable environment for any future transaction. It also has plenty of shortcodes, Google fonts, a photowall and an unlimited color palette.

The people who will chose to visit your page can easily toggle the full screen option and view images and slideshow on the background. Darkroom is also compatible with WordPress 4.0, and it contains a solid header support for your logo.

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Inspiro is a beautiful and modern WordPress business and portfolio multipurpose website theme. Inspiro is a powerful toolbox for creating handsome and eloquent websites. It doesn’t matter whether you know any coding at all. The integrated Page Builder and advanced Theme Options Panel let you create awesome pages from scratch. Make use of any of several demo websites with a single click and then customize them to your heart’s content. Inspiro’s awesome Slideshow Video Background showcases your photos and videos for your audience.

Many more completely configurable homepage sliders are packed with Inspiro, including a crisp gallery module for presenting your photography or your professional portfolio with ease and elegance. Inspiro really is ready for all forms of modern media. State-of-the-art HTML5 technology makes its media-savvy capabilities very fast-loading. Your website won’t hiccup even during peak traffic usage cases. Unique and convenient widgets like the Portfolio Showcase and Portfolio Scroller let you create original homepage layouts in no time at all. The awesome WooCommerce plugin suite furnishes your Inspiro website with incredible commercial features. Make a sale or complete a shopping cart checkout easily. Check out Inspiro today, and see what this pliable theme is all about.

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Santino Theme For Photographers

If you are looking for an excellent theme that can enhance your photography, portfolio, articles, or creative sites, look no further than Santino. It includes versatile options for your theme that are user friendly, and very quick to install. It looks splendid, and it can even play background music for your visitors. All of the content is played via Ajax, which also permits easy and quick navigation.

The inclusion of the Woocommerce plugin facilitates online transactions, letting users rest easy that they are safe from scams. Santino has also added some impressive effects, a one click demo import, a built-in rating system, and some private galleries.

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oyster scenic nature photography theme

Oyster is a WordPress theme that offers its customers limitless possibilities, yet it retains its user friendliness and accessibility. Customizing your page has never been easier! Both its framework and its design are at the pinnacle of modernity. Even the way in which the user views images is subjective, as the developers have included plenty of variations and styles.

If you are unsure regarding this theme’s quality, feel free to check out their demo and see for yourself. Oyster will be the platform from which your creative ideas can be launched.

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scent quaint model photography theme

Fully responsive and retina ready, Scent is the best WordPress theme for model agencies. It makes building your page very easy, given its visual composer tool. It has also included a model submission form, a portfolio option with both videos and images, and Parallax options for your page’s background.

Other features include video and full screen sliders, translation ready coding, and the option to display your content in both one page, and multi-page configurations. For more information regarding Scent and its outstanding features, feel free to check out their live demo.

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Tography is a very beautiful and extremely functional, purposefully constructed and cleverly coded, extensively thought out and carefully developed, visually impressive and graphically refined and sober, uncluttered and well structured, detail-oriented and experientially designed responsive WordPress multipurpose photography website theme. Tography is a unique theme, developed exclusively for photographers, and by photographers, making Tography a truly special concoction that is chock-full of truly amazing and thoughtful options for creating, designing and maintaining the most modern and imaginative professional or amateur photography portfolio websites on the internet today.

Tography has been decked out with extremely on point and relevant options for showing off your high resolution photography, including a sophisticated image metadata retrieval system that automatically scans your photos for technical data such as aperture, F number and camera type, giving your portfolio works a context and a relevance impossible to aspire to otherwise. Tography includes a seamlessly intuitive backend user interface that webmasters of any background or skill level will quickly familiarize themselves with and master. Tography has different headers, navigational and pagination styles, a visual layout builder for you to fiddle with the included templates and demo websites or come up with your own from scratch. Let Tography show your works to the world!

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jkreativ romantic parallax photography theme

This adaptable WordPress theme is amazing! Unlike other themes that are featured on this list, Jkreativ can fit any given niche. Regardless of your website’s goals, you will have a tough time finding a page that Jkreativ cannot improve. A live preview has been added, allowing you to sample its content before deciding to buy.

The Woocommerce plugin permits the creation of online stores, and it is very easy to commercialize their products or services.

One of its most enticing selling points it the multi layered Parallax effect, along with a streamlined scrolling effect and complete Parallax Control. This theme has a wide array of powerful additions, including Masonry, Extended portfolios and Ajax.

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kameron clean photography theme

After reading this written review, feel free to evaluate their live demo, as nothing can compare to a hands on impression. With its latest version, Kameron offers customer a password encryption system for its galleries, adding an extra layer of security to its impressive design. The demos are available in 3 basic versions: green, dark and white.

Although there are some differences between them, once you actually buy the theme, all of the features will become accessible. The developers of this theme are not Jacks of all trades. They are determined to pursue one main goal, that of creating the best WordPress theme for photographers. Fullscreen galleries have been added, that allows the customer to add videos from Vimeo and YouTube. There are many features to explore, so I suggest you get start right now.

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sirius exotic photography theme

As long as you choose to work with Sirius, compatibility issues will be the problems of your past. It is fully responsive, and it can adapt to any device, regardless of its manufacturer, resolution or mobility. It also works great with any modern browser, a fact that will certainly broaden your viewer base.

This is one of the most popular and prolific themes on our list, a title that it has earned through consistent quality and reliable design.

Sirius is also very easy to customize, as anyone can tailor their ideal page, regardless of their tech know-how. This skin includes some very effective export/import configurations and a powerful admin panel.

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kubb cool fullcreen photography theme

You may get away with homely themes in other contexts, but people expect beauty from art sites. Be it music, photography or painting, you have a reputation to maintain. Kubb includes retina ready icons and graphics, amazing revolution sliders and custom image cropping. It is also fully responsive, capable of rendering content on any device screen, both mobile and desktop.

It should be mentioned that a live preview was added, along with WPML coding and social media compatibility. All of these features and more make Kubb one of the best options for those seeking to build a memorable page.

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fluxus beautiful photography theme

The overall design and layout of this theme was inspired by the traditional magazine layout. But here is where the similarities end, as Fluxus surpasses the traditional format, and brings your content into the 21st century. It can adapt and work on any device, both mobile and desktop, and it features a horizontal layout which allows you to view your works in parallel for a better perspective.

The list of its features is too long to mention here, but all that a potential client needs to know, is that Fluxus is definitely worth his/her time. Famous photo sites must employ themes like this one in order to gain widespread appeal.

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If you couldn’t find the right theme for your photography portfolio you might want to look into this theme collection. On this theme collection we have showcases over 50 different photography themes that are well suited for portfolios, galleries and even eCommerce to showcase sell your work online.

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